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Building Better Worlds of Work® Enhance your reputation and personal success with Brayton Bowen, business consultant, performance coach, author, educator, and professional speaker.

Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP Compassion Advocate & New-Age Performance Coach


New-Age Leadership

In a World that Is Becoming Increasingly Virtual and Where Organizational Distancing Is Straining the Bonds of Engagement, Leaders Need to Invest in New-Age Currency and Competencies of Compassion to Ignite the Engine of SUCCESS!



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When You Learn How to Implement the Seven (7) Competencies of Compassion@Work, Watch How Your Career and the Performance of your Organization Take Off! By Following the Strategies of Compassion and Taking Consistent Action Steps … Success Begins to Flow with Ease!

Define Your Own Success: If you are not being Recognized in your own Organization or in your Industry as a Game Changer and as someone who is making a Difference in the Performance of the Enterprise or in your Industry, it’s time to get your ACT in Gear. Learn from Compassion Advocate Brayton and begin to Make a Difference with Meaningful Change. Sign Up for the “Rapid-Fire Re-Start” Program today.

Become an Expert in Motivation: Motivation is an “inside” job. “Smiley Faces” on Performance Reviews and “Tricks” with Incentives do not Motivate Employees. Traditional Systems of Reward and Recognition only Incent so far. Leaders and HR Professionals need to Know What is Meaningful to Today’s Generation of Performers.  Become an Expert in the Implementation of Rewards and Recognition that represent “New-Age Currency”.

Dedicate Yourself to the Mastery of Compassion: Become a Lifelong Implementer of the Competencies of Compassion that Inspire Employee Engagement, Improve Organizational Performance, and Increase Profit up to 40% and More. As a Compassion Advocate ensure your Success and the Success of Others. Learn from Professional Advisor Brayton and Become the Change Agent you Deserve to Be.

Discover How to Become an Unparalleled Leader: Leadership is more than Control. It is about Inspiring Others to do the Right Thing. It is about Removing one’s Ego from the Center of the Universe and Empowering Others for the Betterment of Themselves and the People they Serve. Learn how to Design Organization Cultures that Release Unbridled Success and Make a Difference in the World.