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Building Better Worlds of Work® Enhance your reputation and personal success with Brayton Bowen, business consultant, performance coach, author, educator, and professional speaker.

Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP Compassion Advocate & New-Age Performance Coach

Ensure SUCCESS with these Mentoring Programs led by:

Compassion Advocate and Performance Competencies Expert


Rapid-Fire Re-Start: 3-Sessions of Personal Mentoring for the Aspiring Professional with Compassion Advocate and Performance Competencies Expert Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP

This mentoring program is especially geared to Aspiring Professionals who perceive their efforts to be undervalued. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the plans, responsibilities and activities that are currently included in the Professional’s portfolio, a review of how the Professional is perceived by management and the organization, and the design of an action plan for jump-starting a personal effectiveness action plan to garner deserved recognition. Unlimited email contact with Brayton is included in addition to the 3-sessions of personal mentoring.

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High-Speed ROI Results6-Month Personal Mentoring Program

This personalized mentoring program is designed to enhance the strategic positioning of the Management Professional’s resources function within the organization. Program elements include:

• (6) Personalized 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Brayton (no other coaches).
• Complete assessment of job responsibilities, processes, and deliverables.
• Review of strategic goals and objectives of the organization.
• Detailed analysis of position metrics and reframing the job to readily identify progress toward planned outcomes.
• Reframing of position deliverables to ensure strategic alignment with business objectives.
• Unlimited 6 months of personal email access to Brayton.
• Step-by-step, month-by-month review of progress against plan.
• Final report to validate personal effectiveness and results versus plan.

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High-Performance Master-Mind Academy (On-line Program): Building Strategic Alliances

Sign up for this two-day, High-Performance Academy experience with other Management Professionals who have mastered the Competencies of Compassion in their respective organizations. Learn how they are engaging employees, improving performance, and increasing bottom-line profit up to 40% and more.

The On-Line Academy is an excellent two-day opportunity for those who have not yet worked with Brayton personally. It offers high-content, proven performance strategies, and tutorials designed by Brayton that walk you through the change process step-by-step, as you build your own highly acclaimed professional reputation for compassionate leadership.

• Learn the value of the 7 Competencies of Compassion and why they deliver results!
• Compare your professional proforma with those of the high performers.
• Complete an assessment that pinpoints where you are and where you need to be.
• Learn how to align your personal goals and deliverables with key organizational objectives.
• Develop a step-by-step plan to transform your professional “brand” both inside and outside your organization.
• Learn how high-performing professionals are achieving record results.
• Get Power-Packed, Easy-to-Implement training modules designed by Brayton.
• Receive Bonus Resources to keep you motivated through the change process even after the Academy adjourns.
• Be able to network with your Academy colleagues going forward for on-going support and ideas.
• Receive valuable tools that will enhance your success.

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Self-Actualizing, Highly Constructive Organization Cultures: Competencies of Compassion that Deliver

 Organization cultures provide the canvas for achieving high performance outcomes or self-fulfilling inadequacies. A reflection of shared values and beliefs, organization cultures influence the thinking and behaviors of its members. This program provides a detailed analysis of your organization culture, its attributes, as well as its liabilities. At the conclusion you will know what actions are to be taken to affirm what is working and what needs to be done to optimize your culture. Brayton will lead this program.

• Profile your existing organization culture using a 12-point assessment system to identify elements of goalsetting, teamwork, self-actualization, empowerment, as well elements that are impeding success.
• Identify behaviors and behavioral patterns that are enhancing or inhibiting success.
• Learn why the 7 Competencies of Compassion need be an integral part of your culture to optimize performance.
• Be able to determine how reflective the vision and mission are in your culture and what adjustments need be made to ensure constructive outcomes.
• With hands-on mentoring by Brayton, develop a step-by-step plan to transform your organizational culture and optimize the alignment of human behavior with operational performance.
• Receive valuable bonuses that will enhance your success.
• Learn how diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality create innovation, resulting in new wealth.
• Appreciate how “power,” “control,” and “avarice” mitigate against empowerment, unbounded engagement, and profit performance.
• Get Power-Packed, Easy-to-Implement training modules designed by Brayton.
• Have unlimited email access to Brayton for a 30-day period.

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Unparalleled Leadership:
Empowering Others to Exceed Expectations

This 4-week program is designed for senior-level managers who want to refine their leadership skills, improve their personal effectiveness, and excel in new-age concepts that surpass old-world thinking. Enrollment is limited. Training is intense and extremely confidential. Brayton is the senior advisor who will be mentoring you. You will have unlimited email access to his services and weekly conferences, as you build your new-age competencies. He will help you identify which of your management characteristics are constructive and compassion-based and which are hindering your ability to be exceptionally effective in making a difference in your organization and in your market sector. Learn how to build your “brand” and become the change-agent you need to be.

• Learn the value of the 7 Competencies of Compassion and how they deliver results!
• Complete a management styles assessment that inventories your effectiveness in self-actualizing your team, achieving results, and getting the return on investment you deserve.
• Assess the status of your Vision and re-power for inspired outcomes.
• Optimize your communication skills accurately determining how to connect with various personalities and styles.
• Appreciate why traditional reward and recognition systems under-perform and how the 5 Rs for recognizing and rewarding employees out-perform old-age currency.
• Develop a step-by-step plan to transform yourself and the culture of your organization to deliver high-performance deliverables and envied results.
• Get Power-Packed, Custom-Designed training modules prepared by Brayton.
• Receive Bonus Resources to keep you motivated through the change process even after your training ends.
• Complete a post-training assessment to determine areas for further improvement going forward.

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