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Building Better Worlds of Work® Enhance your reputation and personal success with Brayton Bowen, business consultant, performance coach, author, educator, and professional speaker.

Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP Compassion Advocate & New-Age Performance Coach

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Consistent with the title of his newest work, Brayton Bowen engages the Heart “…for People, Performance, and Profit” by going to the heart of where his listeners are and taking them to a higher place.

In his new workshops on the Seven Competencies of Compassion@Work, Brayton explores each of the Competencies of Compassion and Inspires his audiences to implement life-changing principles that can improve the lives of his listeners and drive organizational performance up to 40% and more compared to peer and competitor organizations. Whether the need is for a keynote speaker, trainer, or meeting opener, Brayton can make a difference.

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Speaker Bio for Brayton Bowen, AM, SHRM-SCP

Brayton Bowen is a thought-leader on new-age motivation and organizational performance. He has more than 25 years of experience in business and human resource development. He speaks to a diverse group of audiences including business associations, recent college graduates, human resource professionals, and business leaders from all sectors of the economy.

As a professional speaker, Brayton instantly connects with audiences with his insightful and engaging presentation style. He shares decades of business experience, innovative motivational strategies, and practical ideas.

Brayton is also an author of numerous articles, books, and commentaries on business. He can be reached at: